Interested in Swing Dance lessons but don’t know where to start? Swing 1 is where most people start unless you have previous lindy hop experience. We offer 4 levels of lessons designed for dances of all skill levels. All classes are $90 general – $75 students – $45 retakes. To register for an upcoming lesson series email us at info@swinglondon.ca


Swing 1
  • Start here with no experience required!
  • Introduction to Lindy Hop
  • One lesson per week for 6 weeks
  • No partner is necessary
  • Introduction to 6-count steps
Swing 2
  • Prerequisite: Swing 1 or instructor approval
  • Introduction to 8-count steps
  • Build on what you already know from Swing 1 and expand your repertoire for the dance floor
Swing 3
  • Prerequisite: Swing 2 or instructor approval
  • Introduction to Charleston
  • Work on integrating all the moves you know together and introduce some advanced techniques
Swing 4
  • Prerequisite: Swing 3 or instructor approval
  • Focus on connection and building your repertoire of moves to maximize the quality of your dancing


Social Dances

Social dances are every Friday at the German Canadian Club at 1 Cove Road, London, Ontario. They are excellent opportunities to work on your dance skill you’ve been taught in class as well engage in friendly social dancing. $13 General $10 Student or Member